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Providing equine dental services throughout the North West of England.

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Equine Dental Technician

Equine dentistry has evolved considerably and is now considered a necessity to equine health. Regular (6-12 monthly) dental checks are important to ensure a comfortable and correctly working equine mouth.

The removal of sharp points to the lingual and buccal edges of the cheek teeth, and any Hooks, ramps, waves and step mouths ensure your horse’s teeth are working properly and not causing any discomfort or restriction in the movement, and chewing capability of the mouth.

This helps to achieve contented horses that are happy in their work, whether that is for competition, hacking, broodmare or just out at grass.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your requirements or any concerns. Rachel is always happy to help!

Rachel worked with my youngster the first time he had his teeth done!

She was calm, gentle and taught him to enjoy having his teeth done.

I would DEFINATELY recommend Rachel as you will not be disappointed!

Sam Barker

Horse Welfare

There are many factors to consider in caring for the welfare of your Horse.

Rachel Hough Equine Dental Technician is a specialist in the care of your Horse’s mouth.

If you see any indication that there is pain in that area, it is always better to be safe and call us for a checkup.


Regular Dentistry Helps..

* Improve horse health and comfort and helps maintain ideal weight

* Improves horse performance

* Improves feed efficiency with a reduction in feed costs

*Reduce or eliminate behaviours such as resisting the bit, rearing and head shaking.

Veterany Referal

Your registered Vet will generally appoint a Dental Technician to look after horses mouth and teeth.

They invarably will add their costs on to the bill, even though it is just a referal.

If you see any warning signs listed on our Warning Sign Page, conact us directly


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